Why Do More Aircraft Pilots Choose Texas Flight Maintenance For Avionics?

Quality, Service and Price! We strive to be every pilot’s first choice for avionics sales and expert aircraft installation.

Our other aircraft maintenance and repair capabilities include a full avionics radio repair bench, instrument overhaul, aircraft maintenance, interiors, glass, and paint. As a dealer for all major avionics brands, we sell and install panel mount avionics, aircraft autopilots, flight instruments, pilot headsets, aircraft engine monitors, glass cockpits, portable aviation GPS handhelds, and pilot supplies, along with a huge inventory of reconditioned used avionics. 

Your Source For Quality Avionics Installation And Maintenance

At Texas Flight Maintenance, we care about you and your plane. We know firsthand the importance of having the best avionics equipment installed and working in your plane.

We take pride in providing for you and your aircraft exceptional service & support for all your avionics needs. From transponder recerts, troubleshooting difficult squawks or even complete aircraft avionics upgrades, our team of highly qualified & experienced technicians have the capabilities for these tasks and more.

“Great folks. Exceptional service!”

– Westley. R

“Great people and very professional!”

– Dan. L

“Talk about a class A facility. You walk in a stranger and walk out friends.”

– David. B

“Love em! They treat their employees and customers like family!”

– Stephen. S

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